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On Thursday, April 20th, 2006, Falun Gong practitioner and NYC-based pathologist Dr. Wenyi Wang interrupted a White House welcoming ceremony for China's leader by shouting "Hu Jintao, stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners." She sought to raise public awareness about a "frenzy" of organs transplants occurring now across China. It is believed that the Chinese Communist party (CCP) is frantically trying to hide and destroy "evidence" (living Falun Gong practitioners) and maximize profits before new regulations governing organ sale and extraction go into effect on July 1. However, transplant hospitals in China are urging patients to "Come in before May1st" while there are still plenty of organs. The timetable to destroy evidence appears to have been accelerated.

Dr. Wenyi Wang speaks at a press conference in Virginia

By FoFG and authors of supporting materials

According to a report by a veteran Chinese military doctor, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has set up 36 secret concentration camps around the country which function as warehouses primarily for Falun Gong practitioners, to extract their organs while they are still alive, then cremate their bodies on site to destroy evidence. Two other witnesses also support the organ harvesting story and have spoken publicly about it.

The issue of organ harvesting and genocide now occurring in China is an urgent and ongoing atrocity and has been almost wholly missed by the media. We have assembled the following information for members of the press to help investigate this situation. We are calling on the United States Government to conduct a broad and thorough investigation into all concentration and slave labor camps across China immediately. We believe that thousands have already been murdered and thousands more remain at risk. Time is of the essence. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your timely attention.

Flyer on Organ Harvesting Issue (PDF: 220K)


  • Jul 20, 1999: Falun Gong banned; practitioners categorized as “felons”; regarded as raw materials to be handled in any financially beneficial way without penalty
  • Dec 22, 2000: Falun Gong-related website reports police and doctors collude to sell practitioners’ organs; later reports say the crimes peaked between 2001-2003
  • Mar 9, 2006: Journalist reveals Chinese concentration camp in Sujiatun, China, holding only Falun Gong adherents
  • Mar 24: Second witness reports deathcamp is attached to a hospital harvesting detainee organs for transplants—while the victims are still alive—and cremating the bodies on-site
  • Mar 28: China denies reports; enacts new rules on human organ sale and transplant, effective July 1—potentially giving a three-month window for wanton seizure of organs
  • Mar 31: Third witness, a military MD, reports a nationwide network of 36 camps connected by a closed rail system; 5,000+ detainees can easily be moved within 24 hours. Largest camp holds 120,000+ people
  • Apr 6: Undercover investigators disclose a “frenzy” of transplant operations; hospitals urge patients to “come in quickly.” Live organ extraction continues as evidence is transferred, hidden and destroyed
  • Apr 9: News surfaces that illegal organ harvesting is occurring in all slave labor camps across China

Appendix A.


Chinese International Transplantation Assistance Center website:
CCP-run hospital which bragged about the short time it would take to find a kidney donor (1-2 weeks) and how many transplants it had done. It further acknowledged that the transplants could not be done without the help of the CCP! To match a kidney donor to a recipient, blood type and tissue type must match, and once removed from the donor, a kidney can only remain viable for 48 hours. Therefore it is impossible to store kidneys anywhere except by having a "warehouse" of living people to be called upon when a donor is found.

Appendix B.

Dear Colleague" letter, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
Calls for an investigation into charges of illegal organ harvesting and cremation in Chinese deathcamps. “The kind of moral complicity required for the non-consensual removal and sale of human organs is certainly unique. We as legislators, as statesmen and Americans, must not also become complicit in these crimes by keeping silent…history will judge us if we choose to look the other way when faced with truly indescribable human suffering on this scale."

Appendix C.


Frequently Asked Questions
Responds to questions raised about the authenticity of Sujiatun claims. Sujiatun is the location of a hospital and internment facility, the subject of initial reports of organ harvesting. The site was quickly sanitized by the CCP after reports surfaced.

Appendix D.

Falun Gong Responds to U.S. Visit to Former Chinese Concentration Camp (April 16, 2006) Falun Dafa Information Center

Appendix E

Two Sky Media reports on organ harvesting:

China Denies Organs Claim, Dominic Waghorn

Suspicions Raised Over Organ Donors, Dominic Waghorn (video report)

Why Wang Wenyi Was Shouting The Weekly Standard, Ethan Guttman

A Place Called Sujiatun National Review Online, Jay Nordlinger

China's Obscene 'Harvest' of Organs, Toronto Sun, Peter Worthington

British Transplantation Society criticizes the alleged use of organs without consent from prisoners executed in the Peoples Republic of China, British Transplantation Society News, Professor Stephen Wigmore

China 'Selling Prisoners' Organs, BBC News, Jill McGivering

Essential Information on Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Practitioners in China

Download Appendix (PDF: 535K)


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